Civil Partnerships for All!

Civil Partnerships: Is it about time?

The Government has announced plans for all couples - both homosexual and heterosexual - in England and Wales to have the option to enter into civil partnership as well as to get married.

The Supreme Court made a ruling earlier this year which recognised that the bar on opposite-sex couples being able to enter into a civil partnership was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.  A change to legislation was inevitable and the prime minister has now made it official, as we reported in June in our piece Civil Parnerships Take A Step Closet To Being For Everyone.

Why should Civil Partnerships be available for everyone?

The benefits of entering into a civil partnership rather than simply being “boyfriend and girlfriend” are that civil partners acquire rights to inherit if their partner dies, as well as rights to their partner’s property, assets and pensions in the event of a separation.

Some ask why a couple can't just get married - but others maintain that marriage is no longer romantic. It symbolises the intervention of religion and bureaucracy into your personal life. 

What do you think?

Will you be considering a civil partnership with your partner?  Do you think marriage is still going to be the preferred option?  Let us know your thoughts!

Civil partnerships for heterosexual couples? Civil partnerships for heterosexual couples?

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