What effect is the May 2015 election having on the UK housing market?

We may not have seen it coming, but the UK voting population has elected a Conservative government for the first time since John Major became Prime Minister in 1992. Property is always a key electoral issue, especially as homeowners are more likely to vote, according to a report by Andrew Aitken.

Given the importance of the homeowner in UK politics, it is interesting to look at how the two main parties appealed to them in the run up to the election.



Mortgage application rejected? What now?

It’s a terrible feeling to have a mortgage application denied. Most people are going to feel frustrated, but there are things that you can do to change your circumstances. Large numbers of applications are turned down, as the mortgage market continues to adjust after the Mortgage Market Review. After the property market meltdown in 2008 most lenders were understandably hesitant to provide loans for any but the most qualified borrowers. But you can make a difference to your chances.



Judge rules “No duty” on a solicitor to check Seller’s credit status

We’re sure a lot of solicitors will breath a sigh of relief when they read about the common sense approach taken by His Honour Judge David Cooke in a recent negligence claim.

The case involved a situation where a buyer contracted to purchase a property, the deposit was held as agent (rather than stakeholder) by the seller’s solicitors, and the transaction failed to complete due to the seller’s bankruptcy after exchange.



The North-South Divide: Is Help to Buy The Right Sticking Plaster?

South-east Housing Market Leads Wider Economic Recovery – Again!

Homeowners in the South East look set to benefit first from the ‘green shoots’ of economic recovery, according to recent studies of the housing market. The effect of Government-backed schemes to boost lending is already underpinning a steady increase in house prices, with the country’s most prosperous region once again leading the way.



Solicitors’ Fees for Conveyancing – Find Out First

One of the first questions you need to check with your conveyancing solicitor is ‘How much will my conveyancing cost?’

As lawyers, we’re fully aware of the reputation under which the profession labours, and some of it is deserved. That is why you can get an instant free quote on our website. This is a quote, not an estimate: i.e. provided the information you have given is correct and barring unforeseen complications, this figure is what you will pay. In a small minority of cases, there may be legal issues which mean there is an inevitable cost overrun. If this is the case, you will be told in advance, advised of the extra fees which will be payable, and asked if you wish to proceed.

If your solicitor or conveyancing company is not offering this kind of guarantee, walk away. Moving house is stressful enough without playing the Russian Roulette that is hourly billing.

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