Estate Agents – You Call The Shots

You may receive recommendations (from friends or from solicitors) but you still need to make sure the estate agent understands what you want. Remember that estate agents need you more than you need them!

Selling your home is a very important matter and you have a right to establish the credentials of the person selling it. Any agent worth their salt should welcome any questions, however searching. You will want to know:

  •  How many properties have they sold in the last six months?
  •  What percentage of the asking price did they sell them for? (The average at the moment is around 92%).
  •  How exactly did they arrive at their valuation?
  •  Will they accompany all clients to viewings?
  •  Does their fee include advertising and brochure listings?
  •  On which web portals and in which publications will your property be seen?

When it comes to the type and length of agreement, again: you are in charge.

You may feel that joint agency or multi-agency agreement will give your property a wider exposure but as well as being more expensive, they can make you appear desperate. A sole agency agreement is most common and is adequate for most people.

However, there is no need to be tied down to too long an agreement. The average time to sell a property at the moment is a little over ten weeks, so a twelve-week agency agreement (ten weeks plus two weeks’’ notice) should be enough.




Cunningtons DON’T Want Your Business (Necessarily)

This is where the advice of a good family solicitor who knows the local market (and all the estate agents) can be invaluable. If you already have a good solicitor who deals in conveyancing, we advise you to appoint them to convey your house, and then find an agent.

It may surprise you that as conveyancing solicitors ourselves, we would advise to go with someone else; this advice is from a commercial website. However, we are ourselves first and foremost a family firm, with strong and historic local roots in the communities we serve. Cunningtons solicitors have a reputation stretching back generations, and we are not going to be swayed by notions of ‘get rich quick’. Our success is built on being trusted, which is why we say not ‘go with us!’ but merely ‘please, just make sure you go with people like us’.

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Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

First Impressions Are Vital!

Estate agents often tell you that spring is the best time to sell a house. The reasons are not hard to fathom. People suddenly find they have more energy, more enthusiasm. The urge to transform, to start afresh, impels us.

As a vendor it is your task to exploit this natural spring feeling by playing your part: with some spring cleaning. A bit of TLC on your home – re-pointing, a lick of paint, some work in the garden – makes all the difference. Buyers are likely to view many, many properties and the psychological impact of that first impression cannot be over-estimated. What people essentially do when they view your house is imagine themselves living in it. They are going to spend a long time there so you need to make them want to linger. If the best feature of your house is that light, spacious living room or the nice, private garden, make sure it is looking its best. Buyers may think they are being hard-headed and calculating but they are largely driven by feelings.

If you turned up for interview in an old pair of jogging bottoms you wouldn’t expect to get the job, would you? Remember there are other candidates for their money, so make an effort!


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