Part 3: Now what? Five Questions to Ask Yourself After You’ve Met Your Solicitor

Once you’ve met with a solicitor, you should have a much clearer idea on all of your options and also understand what your costs are likely to be. 

You’ll have asked them the questions from Part 2, now you need to ask yourself some questions before you commit to your Family Law solicitor:

1. Did they listen to me?

Solicitors can’t possibly give accurate advice unless they have taken the time to listen to all of the facts. If your family law solicitor assumed they knew everything and didn’t give you a chance to speak, they might try and bulldoze you into making key decisions in the future.

At Cunningtons, our solicitors care about finding out every tiny detail. We want to give you as many options as possible and we understand that you will have your own priorities. Our job is to adapt to your circumstances.

2. Did the solicitor answer my questions clearly?

A solicitor’s job is not just to give advice, but to make sure their client understands that advice. If a solicitor can’t explain things clearly, then how can you know what options you have? And will they be able to communicate effectively with other solicitors?

We give clear advice, whether we are meeting you face-to-face or writing to you.

You can trust us to be able to communicate clearly with other solicitors and the courts as well. If you’re ever having a problem getting your head around something, we love taking the time to go through the issue with you until you’re happy.

3. Did I feel comfortable speaking to them?

Trust your instincts. You are likely to work with your family law solicitor for a number of months, if not longer. You need to feel like they are approachable, understand your priorities and that you can work together.

Our team thrive on building effective relationships with our clients, which is why so many of them are happy to recommend us. We pride ourselves on being approachable and upfront, so that clients know they can trust us.

4. Were they passionate about their job?

If a solicitor seemed dispassionate and treated you like ‘just another client’ then are they really going to care? Will your file sit on their desk for weeks because you are ‘just another divorce’?

Our solicitors are proactive and care about every client, no matter how that client is paying, or what their costs will be.

Put simply, every single member of our family law team loves what they do.

5. Do I want to get a second opinion?

If you have any niggles about the advice you received, or you just aren’t sure that you gelled with your solicitor, you should feel able to arrange another appointment with a different solicitor.

It may be that they give you the exact same advice, but they make you feel more comfortable. It may be that they give you different advice, but you trust them more.

Choosing which solicitor to use is such a personal decision, in the end, trust your instincts.

If you want to talk to a Family Law solicitor in complete confidence, please get in touch with the team at Cunningtons.

We know what a difficult time this is, and how it can be difficult to take the first step in gaining control of your life.


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