Owens v Owens: Wife forced to stay in an unhappy marriage

Last Wednesday’s ruling in Owens v Owens has seen 5 Supreme Court judges reluctantly find that the wife cannot divorce her husband based on his behaviour. The Case for Divorce Hugh and Tini Owens have been married since 1978 - although they have lived apart since 2015. Mrs Owens’ petition claimed that Mr Owens’ behaviour was such that Mrs Owens…


Is a Homemade Will a Good Idea?

One question we are often asked is, ‘can I just do my Will myself’?  Potential clients wish to know if they have to use a Solicitor to make their Will when perhaps they have the alternative option of a homemade Will kit to purchase at a lesser price.  The answer is yes, you are able to make a Will in…


The Incapacity Crisis: A Nation Unprepared

Time for Choice, not Chance We mainly go along throughout our lives thinking of the present and leaving the future to look after itself, but with a little forward planning now you can put in place the systems you need to look after yourself if the worst comes to the worst.  Solicitors for the Elderly and the Centre for Future Studies…


Mills vs Mills: The Supreme Court Outcome

The Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the First Instance Judge in Mills v Mills by agreeing that the ex-wife should not have her spousal maintenance payments increased after 16 years of being divorced. You may remember an earlier installment of this tale ... here's how we covered it earlier this year: mills-v-mills-spousal-maintenance Mrs Mills received a lump sum of…


Civil Partnerships Take A Step Closer To Being For Everyone

Equal rights for all couples: Civil Partnerships may be available to opposite-sex couples The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that civil partnerships should now be available to all couples, even those who are of the opposite sex. Civil partnerships were introduced in 2008, before same sex couples were allowed to marry. By entering into a civil partnership, the parties are legally…

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