Selling Your Home Step 3: Light and Bright

Now Your Home Has Nothing To Hide, Let The Light Shine In!

There is a reason that the best time to sell property used to be the spring: after the dark days of winter, everyone wants to live in a cheery and bright home.

These days the spring effect isn’t so pronounced, with autumn now a hot contender for the title of peak housing sales time, but people are still more drawn to property they’ve seen in the sun. And natural light bouncing around the interior of your house helps too, glinting off pristine surfaces through newly-washed windows and not being banished from dark corners.

Though none of our guides advises knocking in new windows to allow more light in, The Mail recommends removing bulky furniture, your dining table and “a sofa” (though it may be difficult to find somewhere to store them!). It also suggests stripping floorboards and removing doors for the same reasons.

HomeownersAlliance also recommends “removing bulky furniture that makes the room feel small and replacing it with smaller furniture”.

Artificial Lighting – For When The Sun’s Not Helping

You can’t always rely on the sun to illuminate your entire home, and that’s where good lighting comes into play. Almost all of the guides (except Sarah Beany’s) stress lighting:

HomeownersAlliance advocates “lamps on in any dark corners” and “a soft lamp in the bathroom can create a warm glow”;

Rightmove says that “the wrong lighting can make your home feel dark and drab so install brighter modern lights to make your home seem sunny, cheerful and up to date”;

HGTV agrees, you should “change the lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs”.

The Mail has a minimal “buying new/brighter lights/bulbs” tip.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall … 

Now you’ve organised and ditched all your rubbish, given everything a good clean, freshened up the paintwork and increased the amount of light falling on it all, why not make the whole property look bigger using mirrors?

If you haven’t got enough mirrors to make your home look bigger, then it might be a good time to buy some – they don’t have to be expensive.

HomeownersAlliance says they make a room look “bigger and lighter”, and that you should “consider putting some up, especially in smaller rooms or hallways”, and The Mail agrees, suggesting the use of “strategically placed mirrors to increase the impression of space”.

The use of mirrors worked for Patrick in Hove, but only once the flat had been fully cleaned and decluttered! “Mirrors improved the saleability of the flat without using artificial light”, he says.

Mirrors can also be a way for potential buyers to literally see themselves at home in your property!

Interestingly, the guide that doesn’t recommend using mirrors is … The Mirror.

At the end of these brightening tips, you will have light streaming in through clean windows into your airy home, glinting off gleaming mirrors and any dark spaces lit up with lamps that show that your home has nothing to hide.


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