Debt Collection and Recovery

Debt Collection and Recovery

At Cunningtons we understand that it is extremely frustrating when you or your business is owed money. This is particularly the case when a debtor admits that they owe the money but is saying that they cannot afford to pay.

We can assist you in recovering sums that may be owed to you and offer cost effective, practical and sensible advice in respect of what can be done.

What can you do? It'll only cost more money

We are fully aware that no client wants to throw good money after bad. Furthermore, as every client and every case is different, we are very flexible in terms of our fees. We will discuss charges with you and agree them from the outset.

We will often be able to offer creative and discounted fee structures if a business or insolvency practitioner is seeking to instruct us to recover a portfolio of debt.

Likewise, if you have been accused of failing to pay an invoice or a sum of money and you dispute that it is payable, we can assist you in defending any claim. If you are having genuine financial difficulties, we may also be able to assist you – once again, we can discuss all of this at the outset.

Our debt recovery services

By way of example, we can assist:

    • Businesses and individuals who are seeking to recover a single debt;
    • Businesses and individuals who are seeking to recover sums from multiple debtors; and
    • Insolvency Practitioners who have taken up office (e.g. liquidator, administrator, supervisor, trustee in bankruptcy, etc) seeking to recover sums from debtors or defend claims from creditors.

For further details on how we can help you and a no-obligation chat with one of our advisors, please contact our Litigation partner Mark Taylor, or call 01376 326868.


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