Selling Your Home: Ready For The Market!

Your home is now ready to go on the market …

We hope you have enjoyed our round-up of the main ‘selling your home’ guides: the message is simple:

Make your home clean and bright, the sort of place other people could imagine themselves living – then photograph it as well as you can. And don’t get caught out spending time and money that you won’t get back.

If you’ve followed the guides so far, your home should be ready to do well in the property market.

We’ve covered so far:

1 Tidying up and decluttering;

2 Smells – good and bad;

3 Introducing light;

4 Photographing your property.

… and that’s just about the end of the first stage.

Some leftfield property selling advice … 

There are one or two pieces of advice that didn’t fit into these categories. There are also a couple of areas where the guides we looked at disagree – mainly about how much you need to de-personalise. There are some intriguing extras, if you’re brave enough to try:

The otherwise sensible Homeowners Alliance recommends upgrading your plumbing and your white goods, while The Mail suggests you park a shiny executive car in the front and for some reason ‘add an integrated sound system‘.

We also uncovered some bizarre selling advice that was admittedly 5 years old, from Phil Spencer of Location, Location, Location fame. We don’t know what Kirsty Allsopp would have thought about his ’20 Ways To Add Value’ piece, but we don’t think they let him out alone these days!

Suffice to say, if you knock down your interior walls,  convert your attic, build a conservatory and dig out a basement you will definitely need to add  to your selling price to pay for it all!

There’s ‘leftfield’, and then there’s The Mirror

And then there was the tip from The Mirror about picking an estate agent

We all know that it’s important to use the right estate agent to show people over your property, if you decide to use an agent at all. They should be personable, a good listener, keep buyer and seller up-to-date, be realistic when it comes to the negotiations and … according to the Mirror:

Forget the smell of freshly made bread wafting through the house – you need to find a good looking estate agent to boost your house price”

So we’ve covered the practical preparations to get your home ready, covering guides from property specialists.

Now for the next steps – estate agents and conveyancing solicitors!


In the next issue: Estate Agents and Conveyancing Solicitors

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