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Buying Your Home

A General Outline of the Steps you Follow When Buying Your Home

To help you understand the process of buying your home, we have detailed the usual steps completed by the various parties involved.

For more general advice about how to buy your home and not regret it, read our free guide, How To Buy A Home – And Get It Right.


What We Will Do

What You Need To Do

What Your Lender Does

Once we have been instructed by you, the client, Cunningtons LLP will:

  • Contact the seller’s solicitors to obtain and check both the title deeds of the property and the proposed contract with the seller
  • Deal with various searches and enquires and check results
  • Receive mortgage offer from your lender
  • Report to you with the contract, mortgage transfer and associated documents for your signature
  • Arrange a Survey, you should check with your lender on this to ensure you comply with their requirements
  • We may be able to arrange the survey for you, please speak to your solicitor for further details
  • Arrange for both building insurance and life cover in readiness for exchange of contracts
  • Raise any neighbouring planning concerns that you may have with the council
  • Lodge deposit with your solicitor
  • Return all documentation received by your mortgage lender ensuring that it is signed
  • Return all documents to us signed where indicated
  • Source a removal company if required
  • Carry out a valuation survey of the property
  • Check that you are eligible for the mortgage
  • Send us the mortgage offer and will instruct us to check:
  • – the title deeds of the property;
  • – that all the mortgage conditions in the offer can be satisfied.

Exchange Contracts

Exchange Contracts

Exchange Contracts

  • Deposit Handed Over
  • Prepare for completion
  • Prepare financial statement for the client
  • Submit final searches
  • Submit certificate of title to lender
  • Receive mortgage advance and any balance due from client
  • Place buildings and life cover on risk
  • Confirm removal company booking if required
  • Agree arrangements with estate agents for the hand over of keys
  • Notify change of address to friends, banks, building societies, credit card companies, insurance companies, DVLA etc.
  • Mortgage advance sent to Cunningtons




  • Send monies to seller’s solicitors
  • Receive deeds and documents from seller’s solicitors
  • Account to client with surplus funds if applicable
  • Pay any stamp duty
  • Register your ownership with the Land Registry
  • Send deeds to purchaser/lender
  • Collect keys & move in

Rider : the above is a general outline only, as each transaction has unique requirements.

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