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Selling Your Home

A General Outline of the Process you Follow When Selling your Home

To help you to understand the process, we have detailed the usual steps completed by those involved when selling residential property in the UK.

For more general advice about how to sell your home and get the best result, read our free book A Guide to Selling Your Home.


What We Will Do

What You Need To Do

What Your Lender Does

Once we have been instructed by you, the client, Cunningtons LLP will:

  • Where instructed,order and make available your energy performance certificate
  • Obtain your title deeds
  • Obtain up to date copy of the title from HM Land Registry
  • Draft and submit Contracts with necessary title and property information
  • Deal with enquiries raised by the buyers’ solicitors
  • Send the sale Contract to you to sign and return in readiness for exchange.
  • Instruct Cunningtons LLP to undertake your conveyancing
  • Forward any title deeds & EPC
  • Complete Property Information Forms and Fixtures & Fittings Form
  • Answer any enquiries raised by the buyer
  • Sign the Contract and return with instructions regarding desired Completion dates
  • Arrange removals
  • Send us the title deeds if held
  • Advise us of current redemption amount

Exchange Contracts

Exchange Contracts

Exchange Contracts

    • Completion date is set
    • Request redemption figure
    • Send Transfer deed for signing
    • Obtain Estate Agents commission account
    • Prepare Financial Statement
  • Sign Transfer with a witness and return to us before Completion;
  • Cancel Direct Debit instructions with Lender;
  • Notify utility providers and arrange to settle any outstanding amounts;
  • Cancel any buildings insurance policy.




  • Receive sale monies;
  • Release keys to buyers;
  • Discharge mortgage;
  • Pay Estate Agents;
  • Account to you for the net proceeds;
  • Send deeds to buyers’ solicitors.
  • Clear property and hand keys to the Estate Agents.
  • Issue evidence of discharge of the mortgage upon receipt of funds.

Rider : the above is a general outline only, as each transaction has unique requirements.

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