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Making a Will won’t kill you! It is a fact that all of us should make a Will yet over two thirds of us never get round to doing so. Why not?

Don’t want to tempt fate? You’re not serious are you?

Don’t have very much to leave? Irrelevant!

Don’t have time? Not even half an hour?

Costs too much? Read on, you will be surprised!

You have made a home-made Will?
And we thought you didn’t like the idea of solicitors making lots of money! It is a known fact that solicitors make more money resolving problems arising from home-made Wills than they ever would from solicitor-drafted Wills.

You don’t need a Will. Everything will go to your spouse or children anyway?
If you do not make a Will, your spouse may only be entitled outright to the first slice of your estate. This may not even be the whole value of your home! Arguments and Tax bills may follow!

Do something about it now!
Instructing us to draft your Will is easy, please download and complete our basic Will questionnaire and return it to us at Cunningtons LLP, Great Square, Braintree, Essex CM7 1UD. Once we are in receipt of your complete questionnaire we aim to send you a draft for your approval within seven days. If you have any queries please contact Bryony Wilmshurst on 01376 567280.

Click here to download our simple Will Questionnaire.

Dying without a Will can cause a lot of unnecessary problems and heartache for your family and friends.

Even if you don’t have much to leave, someone has to administer your estate however small it is.

If you have children, who will become their guardians?

If you do have valuables, possessions and/or a house you really shouldn’t delay any longer. We will:

  • Receive your instructions
  • Prepare a straight-forward Will for you
  • Send a draft for your approval
  • Send the final Will to you with an explanation about how to sign it
  • Store it for you if you return it – FREE OF CHARGE
  • You can even pay by Debit Card

If your circumstances are such that a more involved Will is required then we can provide a free estimate of the likely costs to deal with this. We do recommend however, that at least you have a straight-forward Will prepared in the interim.

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Cunningtons LLP in Great Square and Tofts Walk in Braintree, Essex, is the head office for Cunningtons Solicitors across the UK. Established in 1748, the Braintree head office in Great Square is still in its original offices. This amounts to almost 300 years of Experience and Tradition.

Rhyannon Andrews and Sarah-Louise Green are the senior conveyancing solicitors at the Braintree office. They are supported by qualified Solicitors and Licenced Conveyancers.

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Wills & Probate

Cunningtons LLP has been in practice for over 250 years. We are specialists in Wills & Probate, dealing with thousands of wills and probate transactions each year. There are several specialist areas within Wills & Probate where we have can help from preparing your will to trusts and inheritance tax. Select any of the options below for more information. 

Download A Will Form

To get started on writing your will, please click here to download our Will form, then print it out and complete it before sending it to us.

The Will Questionnaire can be used to instruct us to draft mirror Wills (two wills on similar terms) or a single Will.

Once we are in receipt of your completed Will Questionnaire we aim to send you a draft of your Will for your approval within seven days, it is then your choice whether you would prefer to come in to one of our offices and sign your Will in our presence or sign it in the comfort of your own home with two independent adult witnesses of your own choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bryony Wilmshurst on 01376 567280 if you have any queries or would like to discuss your requirements.

If you would like to leave someone a life interest in your property or would like your Will to include an asset protection trust the Will Questionnaire will not be suitable for your requirements.

Please contact Bryony Wilmshurst on 01376 567280 to discuss your requirements.

Or email wills@cunningtons.co.uk

Advanced Directive
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
Inheritance Tax

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My husband and I have been putting off making a Will. After finally deciding to do it your staff made it so much easier than we thought! Answered questions, phoned back when asked. Brilliant!.